- Installation -

The installation will move the Ploticus Program Files to /usr/local/ploticus/bin. This directory is required if you want to use .png format for your graphics.

The examples will be extracted in your current working directory !HPCWD.

The recommended user is MANAGER.SYS.

  1. Download the compressed tar file to your home-directory on your HP e3000 in binary format.
  2. Invoke the Posix shell (SH.HPBIN.SYS).
  3. Extract the files using
    tar xvzfop plot_mpe_v.vv.tar.Z
  4. Check the security. If not correct:
    chmod -R 755 /usr/local/ploticus
  5. Check the files' ownership. If not correct:
    chown -R MANAGER.SYS:SYS /usr/local/ploticus (or adequate).
  6. Check the result using
    ls -als /usr/local/ploticus/bin/* (or adequate).
  7. Extract the examples using
    tar xvfzop plot_mpe_cmd.tar.Z
  8. READY! You may leave the shell now.
  9. See the example files and adopt to your needs. Especially remove any ACD
    and/or copy/move the files appropriate.
    In this version, all commandfiles assume that the Ploticus scripts are kept in the current working directory!
If you have also downloaded the scopplot.tar.Z archive see Practice No 8 for the installation procedure.

Now you want to use these files. See the explanation of the commandfile first.
Later on you will use the examples given under practice.

last changed: 30.04.2003
© 2003 Andreas Schmidt