- Practice -

All the following examples have the same structure:

  1. Extract the needed values/data out of the HP e3000 system
  2. Prepare the Ploticus Script
  3. Invoke Ploticus/iX and create the graph
The four examples in the downloadable file require the commandfile which is part of the archive as well.
All examples are open for improvement, of course, and need to be adopted for your needs.

In all examples the file's security and location must be changed appropriate to fit in your environment.

Please let me know if you have other examples you're willing to share: please use either this [mail] form or use directly your eMail program: [mail]

Remark: The whole Ploticus testsuite was created with no problems on HP e3000; just follow this link to see all the pictures.

last changed: 29.01.2004
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