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The compiled version [update]  2.00 (18 Sep 2001), containing the four ported programs for HP e3000: [tar]  plot_mpe_2.00.tar.Z (ca. 1.8 MB, compressed tar file)
[Hint] This major release introduces prefabs for creating standard types of plots directly from the command line.

This compiled version supports .gif and .png graphics file format.
If somebody is interested in .jpeg and .png graphics Ploticus must compiled with another graphics-library (gd18). If you have interest in this please let me know! Send an eMail using this [mail] form or using directly your eMail program: [mail] Andreas Schmidt at But this version does no longer support .gif format!

A command file and some examples for MPE are contained in this archive: [tar]  plot_mpe_cmd.tar.Z (ca. 7 KB, compressed tar file)

A special set of files allows to create graphics out of Scope/iX data (requires also Apache/iX). For more details see Practice No 8: [tar]  scopplot.tar.Z (ca. 30 KB, compressed tar file)

The installation procedures can be found  here.

For differences on versions see [link] this  link on the Developer's site.

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