[Ball]  Philipp's favourite sport: Football/Soccer

- Bambini tournaments -

Since summer 2000 Philipp plays with the Bambinis of the TSG Schwabenheim.
Fast he appeared into the group and participates since then regular in training and the Bambini tournaments. Thus every two week's (half) Saturdays are planned for the whole family - however, it makes much fun to watch the Bambinis.
With enthusiasm and with ambition the kids are already playing. All participating crews are winners - there is no table at the end of a tournament. In this age the play is in the foreground, not the competition.
On the German page you will see all [Link] results of Season 2000/2001 plays, in which Philipp was active. And the coach Armin ensures that all players, who ride along, will play - some more briefly, some longer. His tactics is very beautiful: he change a goal scorer to give another player the chance to score as well. The Schwabenheimer players like that! And the joy is most beautiful after a goal - during rejoicing and clapping each other they sometimes miss the kickk-off ...

Now the Season 2001/2002 has started. A new team has been built: Patrick is the new younger goalie, Philipp plays in Jonas' role of last season as defender, Philipp R. and Niklas play midfield and forward, and Robin is the new goalgetter! The team is completed with Jerome and Oliver, also younger players. And most hopefully David will join as well. A good and promising team!
Once again, you will see the [Link] results of Season 2001/2002 on the German page.
After the Winter break, Philipp R. changed the club.
And step by step the time is coming when David will continue to play in the Bambini-team but Philipp will play in the F-class. And so we will have some tournaments when David will play alone, not in company with Philipp. You can see these results [Link] on this new page!

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