- Accounts Size -

TEST2 will create an Account Utilization graph:
[REPORT x.@].

It will work only for a SM user.
The content of this file is
#proc getdata
command: $HPCWD/plotreport.cmd
fieldnames: acct sect
filter: @@1 @@2

#proc areadef
  title: Account Usage
  rectangle: 1 1 8 5
  yautorange: datafield=2
  xscaletype: categories
  xcategories: datafield=1
  xaxis.stubs: datafields=1
  xaxis.stubvert: yes

#proc yaxis
  label: Sectors
  stubs: inc 1 500000
  grid: color=green
  tics: none

#proc bars
  lenfield: 2
  color: red
  legendlabel: Sectors (* 500,000)

#proc annotate
  location: 2 6.2
  box: color=red width=1.0
  backcolor: gray(0.8)
  text: Account Sector Usage

#proc annotate
  location: 5 6
  box: color=black width=1.0
  backcolor: gray(0.8)
  textdetails: size=18
  fromcommand: uname -n; date '+%Y/%m/%d'

#proc legend
  location: min+2 max-0.5
  format: singleline
All the used procedures and keywords are explained on Steve Grubb's on-line documentation for Ploticus.
The main difference to a previous version is the attribute fromcommand: used to get systemname (uname -n) and time (using date) directly from the shell. This replaces the old and obsolete #system call. Some other remarks:
Example: PLOTX TEST2,,png,/APACHE/PUB/htdocs/sys_gifs will create a png file named TEST2.png into a specific Apache/iX group.

last changed: 30.04.2003
© 2003 Andreas Schmidt