[graph] Ploticus

- a data display engine by © Steve Grubb -

Ported to HP e3000 Platform by Andreas Schmidt

What is Ploticus ?

Ploticus is a freeware program which is able to produce graphics and tables in different formats out of data directly on the platform the data reside on.

This is especially useful for any kind of Web publishing or other documentation task without moving the data to a PC platform where mostly such graphical software is installed.

For MPE/iX this will no longer become important in the future HP e3000 world - because this world is dying - unfortunately. When I ported this freeware to MPE/iX I trusted in the hp way - but then hp stopped MPE/iX by not porting to the newer IA processors. HP-MPE will die officially end of 2006. I will no longer port this freeware - this is the last Ploticus port for MPE you can get from me! Sorry for this ... but it was not my decision to let MPE die!

Ploticus' Homepage

The original Homepage of Ploticus is [link] http://ploticus.sourceforge.net/.
There you will find the handbook, a gallery and a lot of other useful information.

If you have questions/comments/... on the MPE port you're welcomed to contact me using this [mail] form or using directly your eMail program: [mail] Andreas Schmidt.

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