November 2001

Excerpt from: HP 3000 Newswire Flash

Ploticus got an upgrade for its free performance charting features on the 3000

By Ron Seybold, The 3000 NewsWire editor

NewsWire contributor Andreas Schmidt, a tireless creator of freeware offerings for the HP 3000, announced that the Ploticus/iX package recently got more capabilities. Ploticus/iX 2.00 ( has new prefabs, which produce graphs quickly from the command line without coding scripts. It also makes “Better use of shell commands (#shell),” Schmidt reported. “This replaces #system, and requires some changes in my Ploticus scripts.” It’s also been CGI enabled, to make direct use out of a browser, a nice feature to employ within the Apache/iX Web server. Schmidt added that “Another option is to use another library during the compile of ploticus (gd 1.8 instead of gd 1.3 and 1.6) so it's possible to produce .jpeg files (instead of .gif) and still .png files. I tested both ... and ported this way the jpeg library and the gd18 library WITHOUT PROBLEMS to MPE. Probably good to hear for all interested in producing own jpeg pictures ... The current port uses the default .gif and .png.”

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