February 2001

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Number 59 (Update of Volume 6, Issue 2)

Ploticus/iX progresses in 1.40 version

By Ron Seybold, The 3000 NewsWire editor

Andreas Schmidt, who ported and then profiled the Ploticus performance graphing freeware in the NewsWire last fall, has posted an improved version of the software, Ploticus/iX 1.40
"The main benefit I see: the proc date settings now allow you to omit weekend dates! I will use this for my Scope/iX graphics. The place to get Ploticus/iX remains the same: http://www.hillschmidt.de/ploticus/ -- but I now use a compressed tar file, so that you need to use tar with the z option in addition to fxv. This avoids the need to have the GNU utilities to unzip a tar file."

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