[Analog/iX] Analog

- Analyse the logfiles from your Apache/iX WWW server -

Freeware by © Stephen Turner

Ported to HP e3000 Platform by Andreas Schmidt

What is Analog ?

Stephen Turner's Analog is a program which analyses logfiles from WWW servers. It works on almost any operating system. It is designed to be fast and to produce attractive statistics. It's free software.
The official homepage of Analog will tell you more about this in great detail. Just follow this external link.

For MPE/iX such tools become more and more important in the HP e3000 world. So I ported this freeware to MPE/iX and named it Analog/iX in accordance to the other ported S/W like Samba/iX or Apache/iX or Ploticus/iX or Tidy/iX - for YOUR pleasure!


Two files have been prepared for a download of the compiled Analog/iX version 5.01:

The first file contains The second file contains the Web-part of the tool: Use [tar] this link to download the base program file (ca. 891 KB)
[tar] this link to download the supporting Web files (ca. 224 KB).


The installation will move Analog/iX to /usr/local/analog/analog-5.01, and the documentation to htdocs/analog (not fully qualified!).
The installation should be performed by the Web Administrator to ensure the right access rights.
  1. Ensure that your System Manager MANAGER.SYS created under /usr/local a directory named analog/. Access should be granted and restricted to the AM of the Web account, e.g. MGR.APACHE, mod 750, e.g.
  2. Logon as Web Admin (AM user).
  3. Download the compressed tar file(s) to your HPe3000 in binary format.
  4. Invoke the Posix shell (SH.HPBIN.SYS).
  5. Extract the program files using
    tar zxvfop anlg-5.01.tar.Z
    The files will be installed in /usr/local/analog/analog-5.01.
  6. Change the current directory to the one before htdocs/.
    E.g. if you prefer to keep your Web docs under /WEB/PUB/htdocs execute a
    cd /WEB/PUB
  7. Extract the web files using
    tar zxvfop anlg-5.01d.tar.Z
    The files will be installed in htdocs/analog/ and /APACHE/PUB/cgi-bin/.
  8. Now adopt the /usr/local/analog/analog-5.01/analog.cfg file for your needs.
    You may add a value for LANGUAGE (if not ENGLISH, the default), and change HOSTNAME and CHARTDIR rsp. LOCALCHARTDIR.
    Especially check the values for LOGFILE and OUTFILE. These settings depend on your Apache/iX setup. For all details on the meaning of analog.cfg parameters see the documentation.
  9. Finally, you may change htdocs/analog/frame_top.html, especially if you do not have Perl/iX or you do not want that everybody can run Analog/iX out of any Browser.
  10. READY! You may leave the shell now.
  11. And now open your Browser with the URL http://<your HP e3000 www server>/analog/ and you will see the default frame.
    This contains:
You may consider to block the analog/ directory with the .htaccess security so that not all users may run an actual statistics. In this case you should change the OUTFILE location to an unprotected place within your HP e3000 web server so that people interested in still can see the last available statistic.
A batch job may create every night the statistic. Chris Bartram from 3k.com does this, and here you can see the 3k.com statistics.

Benefit for HPe3000

Why this port ?
The more HP e3000 are serving Intranets or Internets the more you need to know what information has been requested. This tool is designed to answer this kind of questions. The quality depends on the Apache/iX Logfile content.

Some News:

BUT BUT So the following approach will work the best: Three other pages on this site may be of interest for you:


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