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Since my time in school I'm interested in Prince Valiant. But now I have the opportunity to read all adventures of this noble hero - thanks to the town library of Ingelheim!

Carlsen Verlag, Hamburg presents on it's site all up to now published adventures of the planned complete edition of this great comic epos by Hal Foster. A summary of each book is included.

[Link] This is my main page of Prince Valiant as a Wiki, a kind of encyclopedia. Here you will find tables which summarize all adventures of Hal Foster and the other authors. Also you will find a lot of German Covers for several editions.  © by Carlsen Verlag, Hamburg
The Encyclopedia is based on the Carlsen-Edition, but it's also only available in [Flag] German.

[Link] Some U.S. Cover in one view.

In the [Link] Forum all fans can post their opinion on the comic, this site, ... feel free to add YOUR comment!.

www.abebooks.de - Antiquarische,
vergriffene und gebrauchte Bücher weltweit finden Using book store pages, e.g. Amazon, you will find all orderable Prince Valiant adventures.

At www.abebooks.de you want to look for out-of-sale editions.

And in ebay you may bid for the [Link] different editions. Good luck! eBay

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