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Deutsche Fassung

As I didn't find a module for WebsiteBaker to create a little quiz/test, I developed one on my own.

This module »Quiz« bases on a German script developed by Werner Zenk, Homepage: www.homepage-total.de, eMail: webmaster(at)homepage-total(dot)de. I adopted this for WebsiteBaker with a (currently) bilingual front- and backend (DE, EN).

Still missing: a documentation in English and German. But an example in English already exists, and I just finished the LinkREADME.TXT (not included so far in v.0.01).

If you want to try this module, you can download it from WebsiteBaker Module.

Have Fun. And please send your ideas and remarks to me. This is my 1st work for WebsiteBaker ... but doesn't need to stay as the only one!

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