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A warm welcome

Deutsche Fassung

A warm Welcome - you found our site!

Here a short list what you will find here - for details see this sitemap for English pages.
Not all parts have been or will be translated to English, sorry for this!
Have fun - and come back soon!

What you will find here (Keywords):
Bible-Quiz'zes - but all in German; HP3000 MPE Ports Ploticus, Tidy, Analog; Internet Logfile Analysis, Configuration tool for Analog; Prince Valiant Adventures and an encyclopedia in German, Hal Foster, favourite Movies, Stanley Kubrick, Star Trek, Enterprise (TOS), The Next Generation (TNG), Voyager (VOY), Stardate Calculator, Publications, HP e3000 (HP3000), MPE Operating System Tools, F.A.Z. Questionnaire - a project, Red Indians, Everlasting Calendar, Easterdates, Starsigns, wine wisdom (sentences) all in German, and much more (unfortunately most in German, sorry!)
You may use the site search engine!

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