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Fill in your personal F.A.Z. Questionnaire

Your personal F.A.Z. Questionnaire

- a project -

Translation performed by Systran.
For years the [FAZlogo] magazine asks prominent fellow citizens to fill out a questionnaire "that the writer Marcel Proust in its life filled out twice." This questionnaire "was in the salons of the past a popular society play." "We continue to play it: cheerful and delicate questions as challenge at spirit and joke."
But everyone of us has a right also to be asked. So, I offer the F.A.Z Questionnaire for everyone here.
Finally an intelligent heading is also behind each PC ; -) [FAZkopf].
The responses are sent to the webmaster and will made public [link] here (mostly in German!).

Thank you for your participation in this long-term project!

Your name:
Your eMail adress:
Your occupation:
Your age:
What is the largest misfortune for you ?
Where would you like to live ?
What is the perfect terrestrial luck for you ?
Which errors excuse you earliest ?
Your dearest novel heroes ?
Your favourite shape in history ?
Your favourite heroines in the reality ?
Your favourite heroines in a work of fiction ?
Your favourite painters ?
Your favourite composer ?
Which characteristics estimate you with a man at most ?
Which characteristics estimate you with a woman at most ?
Your favourite virtue ?
Your favourite occupation ?
Who or which you have might be ?
Your main characteristic ?
What do you estimate with Your friends at most ?
Your largest error ?
Your dream of the luck ?
What would the largest misfortune be for you ?
What would you like to be ?
Your favourite colour ?
Your favourite flower ?
Your favourite bird ?
Your favourite writer ?
Your favourite poet ?
Your heroes in the reality ?
Your heroines in history ?
Your favourite names ?
What do you abhor at most ?
Which historical shapes despise you at most ?
Which military performances admire you at most ?
Which reform do you admire at most ?
Which natural gift would you like to possess ?
How would you like to die ?
Your present state of mind ?
Your slogan ?
Your final comment ?
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