- Global LaserRX Reports -

HP discontinued LaserRX and replaced it with MeasureWare PerfView on Windows NT/2000 to access the Scope/iX data.
While LaserRX was able to access the Scope/iX data files directly, the NT tool requires before you can start to analyze the data.
To reduce this to one step (the Scope/iX EXPORT) by creating files which are accessible directly on HP e3000 via you may want to use Ploticus/iX.

My practice is the following:
[Hint]It bases on [Link] TEST4X and requires [Link] PLOTX command file.
Please see the remarks on these files - just follow the links!

Example: To see the Global CPU Utilization of the last seven days, type :GLOCI GLOCPU,7. The result will look like [Link] this (58KB).
To get the same in png format, type :GLOCI GLOCPU,7,png. The result will look like [Link] this (10KB).

Here all ported LaserRX Global Graphs:
[Hint]  To access all six different pictures per LaserRX Graph I created as examples just click [Link] here.
LaserRX Graph Name GIF PNG EXTRACT command file PLOTX command file Remarks
Global Bottlenecks 1 day 7 days GLOBOT GLOBOTX It's a simple line graph.
Global Transaction Response 1 day 7 days GLOTRA GLOTRAX Logarithmic line graph.
Global CPU Utilization 7 days 31 days GLOCPU GLOCPUX Stacked line graph.
Global Disk Summary 1 day 7 days GLODIS GLODISX Logarithmic line graph.
Global Physical Disk by Task 7 days 31 days GLOPHY GLOPHYX Stacked (on demand:) logarithmic line graph.
Global Queue Depth 1 day 31 days GLOQUE GLOQUEX Automatic y-Scale Line graph.
Global System CPU Utilization 7 days 31 days GLOSYS GLOSYSX Stacked line graph.
Global Jobs & Sessions 1 day 31 days GLOJSS GLOJSSX Automatic y-Scale line graph.
Global Disk Detail 1 day 7 days GLODID GLODIDX Four linear graphs on one page, covering three disks.

Please take into consideration that the setup fits on the HP3000 I use for these graphs. Some parameters in the X-files may need an adoption for YOUR HPe3000!

last changed: 30.04.2003
© 2003 Andreas Schmidt