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Is there THE FINAL Searchengine in the Web ?

I say: No! No Spider, no Robot, and especially no human redaction team is able to search through and to sort the information which is stored on the web. It's never possible to find ALL pages for one theme!

On this page I will give you MY favourites - search engines I use regular, more or less. Whenever there is a test in the magacine "PC Professional" I check this out and probable change my search behaviour.

Since the last test there I use mostly first the Metasearchengine Meta engines looks for the meta tags given, and filter these against the real content of a page.

In Germany, there is another Meta Crawler: This Site gives also useful and funny hints to search the Internet.

If I'm not satsfied by these results I use the classical engines:
(the listing is NOT a rating - all named search engines have their dis- and advantages! And this list is not complete, of course!)

In Germany there is also (minimum!) one Search Engine to search for Search Engines:

I recommend also

So far, I found everything I was looking for within 15 Minuten! The Internet has everything - but you must search the correct way!

last changed: 08.08.2002
© 2002 Andreas Schmidt