[Film] Favourite Director: Stanley Kubrick

"If you can talk brilliantly enough about a subject you can create the consoling illusion it has been mastered."

[Stanley Kubrick]     born July 26, 1928
in New York, New York, USA

died March 7, 1999
in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, England, UK.
(heart attack)
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The last Stanley Kubrick-movie is "Eyes Wide Shut", a deep-psychological dream thriller based on Schnitzlers "Traumnovelle". Did he know that this movie will become his testomony ? He left us a brilliant illustrated and top filled drama: Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise in their probably most difficult and best film!

"If you can talk brilliantly enough about a subject you can create the consoling illusion it has been mastered."

This was the slogan of the perfectionistic master director along his career. And in such a way he operated several years long on the up-to-date conversion of Arthur Schnitzlers "Traumnovelle (dream novella)" (1926), whose cinema performance he did not experience no more. Briefly before the completion of "Eyes Wide Shut" he succumbed on March 7, 1999, seventy-year old, by a cardiac infarct.

Kubrick was never content with the conventional one: he was an ingenious film pioneer of the modern film with a preference for controversy of materials. He was his time always ahead. The standards set by him were often copied. If he did not animate an even category again, then he pointed out which quality e.g. "sandal movies" could have. He was in many genres at home, even if he created only thirteen films.

He began his career as photographer and a documentary film producer, which trained his eye for his outstanding precise picture compositions. During this time he created 1951 "Flying Padre" (9 minutes), "Day of the Fight" (16 minutes) and 1952 "The Seafarers" (30 minutes).
1953 he made his debut with the war film "Fear and Desire".
1955 came the hard thriller "Killer's Kiss" into the cinemas. One year later followed the crime film classical "The Killing", which is like a godfather for films such as Tarantinos "Reservoir Dogs".
1957 he turned the anti-war film of "Paths of Glory".
1960 he developed his only Hollywood job work "Spartacus". Disgusted by the behavior in the U.S.A. he shifted his New Yorker domicile to London and filmed from then on only in Europe.
1962 he provided with "Lolita" for excitement in puritan sets, and the 1964 developed bitter-bad nuclear war satire "Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb" in Hollywood would probably so never have developed.
1968 the high point: "2001: A Space Odysee" is still the Sci-Fi film absolutely. This innovative space opera is unequalled, and involved countless epigones.
With the cult classical "A Clockwerk Orange" Kubrick kindled 1971 an embittered discussion around force glorification, which was not terminated 1994 with "Natural Born Killers".
1975 followed the epic soldier portrait "Barry Lyndon", which is sometimes regarded as an (bad) exception in the complete work. But as with many Kubrick films, also here the opinions go apart.
1980 he surprised the movie experts with the Stephen King filming "The Shining".
And again the break became longer: only seven years later he produced the Vietnam war drama "Full Metal Jacket".
Ten years later he began with the turning work of its last film "Eyes Wide Shut", which should be cut then in 1999. But the final version Stanley Kubrick did not experience any longer. Now Kubricks eyes remain, which he kept open lifelong for us, on eternally closed. But his pictures live on!


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