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With a play of [ravensburger logo] everything began: Where to get a play guidance to one "second hand" play ? Ravensburger searchin', findin', and then klick to Service, and see there - surprise, surprise - a few days later a new play guidance arrived at home! Super Service! THANKS!

I didn't know the company [labbe logo] until Beate brought an adhesive and a friend brought us the catalog containing tinker hints. All this is published on the web as well.

Much more commercial is [lorenz logo] but the service is superb: Philipp got one [baufix] -box. But two parts were not completely milled. These Parts were exchanged without problems.

But naturally I must mention [lego logo] here, because which child does not have Lego? Lego's web pages contain everything that belongs to Lego, inclusive of a complete product catalog. Highly recommended!

A perfect overview of the [Siku] toy models is also present on the web. Especially the News Page directs your attention to the missing sections in your collection ;-)

[Maus] And [Link] here you must go: the Internet Hompage of the weekly Broadcast with the Mouse!

Out of the Mouse's site I copied this Real-Play movie:
[movie]How does the Internet work ?    (rm-format, nearly 5 MB)
After this movie I understood the web as well ;-)
[tip]The needed viewer can be downloaded at RealPlay

[Sandmann] Beside the Mouse our children see the "Sandmännchen" (sand male) each evening. It is a pity that it is not shown in all broadcasting stations in full length: pre and retighten are often shortened.
The sand male page of the East German Broadcast of Brandenburg is [Link] here.

[Tubbies] In addition, our children discovered one day the Teletubbies.

O ne may think now of it as one wants: actually they are quite nicely ... the real films are O.K. - that's my opinion as an adult. In the constant repetition pro and cons are situated: how often do we read out when our children desire to hear the same tale? But how quickly children learn, if they hear it more than once? Oh-Oh, signs of signs (Winke-Winke), Tubbies charmin' (schmusen), Again,again... (No'mal No'mal...)
Now, here some Tubbie links:
I began on [Link]  http://www.tvshows.de/teletubbies/hauptseite.htm. With the information I discovered there I found [Link]  http://www.kinderfreund.de/ger_index.htm. Here there is an abundance of material to sight (which explains also the long loading time of this page!).
The "official" page of the Child Channel is [Link] http://www.kinderkanal.de/ with all transmissionrelevant information.
But the Tubbies were developed by the BBC: [Link]  http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/teletubbies/ (one considers education in the link address!).
The material, which can be discovered on all these pages, particularly the numerous painting pictures, is in any case more cheaply than all commercial Merchandising products with the four!

The children grow, and the preferences shift. Thus the TV show [Loewenzahn]  represents a new incentive. Each show is under another emphasis, and much is easy understandable for (school-)kids explained. Anna and Philipp are very interested in, and try to do the same in their play what they saw in the show.

Knowing this TV show you will see [Terzio] . This company sells among other series CD-ROMs to "Löwenzahn". A click is recommended!

[McNeill]Now Anna goes to school, and what kind of school bag does she carrie on her back ? One of McNeill. Up to the fact that a slidegate valve for a name plate is missing we are so happy and content with this bag that also Philipp got his McNeill but in another design, of course. For David the same will happen but there is still time to go for!

The Schwabenheimer primary school recommends the booklets of the "Flohkiste" (flea box) from the Domino publishing house [Domino], really a good choice. Philipp, but also David have their use from these booklets, even if they only use the paining pictures. We are content!

Our kids participate enthusiastically in the Sternsingen  [Sternsinger].  Here  you will find more information on this project.

But apart from this social interest also our children know productions from Disney. Therefore this link list must name the German site of [Disney.de] and the English site of [Disney.com]. It looks like that the U.S. site offers more than the German one.

In between, also the primary school in Schwabenheim [Primary School Schwabenheim] has it's own homepage, maintained by a mother.

A child-fair Internet search engine is [Blinde Kuh]

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