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This is the homepage of Beate Hill, Andreas, Anna, Philipp und David Schmidt.

We're living in

[heraldic figure]
[village sign] [smile!]On behalf of the district administration the heraldic figure was removed ...
District Gau-Algesheim
Pictures of Bubenheim you will see [link] here!  
County Mainz-Bingen
Region Rheinhessen
State Rheinland-Pfalz
Planet Earth

We do not want to present ourselves in private pictures or detailed information about us but we want to share some of our special interests/hobbies with the world-wide net surfing community.

The main intend to maintain an own domain is to reserve this for the future when the kids will have more benefit from the net than today. I hope they will be proud one day that the daddy reserved this already in the ending 20th century.

STRATO Angebot - Hier klicken! This domain is served by STRATO - Hier klicken! Strato AG, Berlin, Germany, and my current webspace limit is 250 MB.

Our Internet Provider is German Telecom. Here we do not use the 2MB space.

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