Your personal F.A.Z. Questionnaire

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Translation performed by Systran.

For years the [FAZlogo] magazine asks prominent fellow citizens to fill out a questionnaire "that the writer Marcel Proust in its life filled out twice." This questionnaire "was in the salons of the past a popular society play." "We continue to play it: cheerful and delicate questions as challenge at spirit and joke."
But everyone of us has a right also to be asked. So, I offer the F.A.Z Questionnaire for everyone here.
Finally an intelligent heading is also behind each PC ; -) [FAZkopf].
The responses are sent to the Web master and will made public [link]here .
Thank you for your participation in this long-term project!

Your name:
Your eMail address:
Your occupation:
Your age:
What is the largest misfortune for you?
Where would you like to live?
What is the perfect terrestrial luck for you?
Which errors excuse you earliest?
Your dearest novel heroes?
Your favourite shape in history?
Your favourite heroines in the reality?
Your favourite heroines in a work of fiction?
Your favourite painters?
Your favourite composer?
Which characteristics estimate you with a man at most?
Which characteristics estimate you with a woman at most?
Your favourite virtue?
Your favourite occupation?
Who or which you have might be?
Your main characteristic?
What do you estimate with Your friends at most?
Your largest error?
Your dream of the luck?
What would the largest misfortune be for you?
What would you like to be?
Your favourite colour?
Your favourite flower?
Your favourite bird?
Your favourite writer?
Your favourite poet?
Your heroes in the reality?
Your heroines in history?
Your favourite names?
What do you abhor at most?
Which historical shapes despise you at most?
Which military performances admire you at most?
Which reform do you admire at most?
Which natural gift would you like to possess?
How would you like to die?
Your present state of mind?
Your slogan?
Your final comment?

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© 2002 Andreas Schmidt